Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - 500 Point Force Voting Results!

Hello Folks,
Back from my holiday adventures and pleased to announce that thanks to all your votes we now have a result for the voting on your Favourite 500 point force from the TOFG challenge.

The result is as follows:

As you can see and I am very pleased with is that I with my Imperial Guard Force have won the first round of the challenge. I am very pleased with this and especially pleased with the margin by which I won. So once again here if the winning force along with a link to the round up article:

Once again thanks for the votes, I don't know if we can organise a small prize or if its just going to be bragging rights at the moment, however I will be chasing up the other guys to finish their forces and for those that did not complete on time I will also be chasing for their Dead Model/Objective Marker penalty for not finishing the challenge.

So thanks for sticking with it and voting for my force. I hope you are all looking forward to more in the way of models, challenges and various articles coming soon.

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