Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fridays 5 Finds!

Hi folks
I know its late but after the Forgeworld news letter on friday I thought this could wait as the newsletter was much better then I could ever hope to manage!
  1. First post is a corker! A REAL LIFE RHINO! This is posted over on Dark Future Games and shows the THQ rhino built with GW for the launch of Dawn of War doing what tanks should do in a neat little video!
  2. Over at Zen 40,000 we have the Librarium of the Lamenters chapter, this post show cases some awesome Lamenters Librarians and more ideas for conversions.
  3. Over at Heresy Workshop we have an interesting Loxatl model that has been converted up for a commision, interesting and different to the current artwork but it definately works.
  4. Johns's Toy Soldiers has a post by the aforementioned John providing a guide on how to produce a realistic looking bronze effect on statues for terrain using the larger GW Space Marine terrain piece.
  5. Finally we have more of a sneak peek then a "post" showing the cover art for the upcoming Victories of the Space Marines Novel from the Black Library, a great piece of art showing a Grey Knight doing what they do best!

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