Tuesday, April 28, 2015

First Colour Images of the New Knights

user posted image

 Avenger Gatling Cannon 36" S6 AP3 heavy 12 rending
Ironstorm Missile Pod 72" S5 AP4 heavy 1 lg blast, barrage
Stormspear Rocket Pod 48" S8 AP3 hvy 3
Twin Icarus Autocannon 48" S7 AP4 hvy 2, interceptor, skyfire, twin-linked

Reaper Chainsword- Strength D AP2 melee
Thunderstrike Gaunlet- Strength D AP2 melee, colossal, hurl

1 comment:

Havik110 said...

does anyone remember back when forgeworld was OP and GW was underpowered...yeah, my castigator looks sad next to that avenger bolt cannon...

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