Friday, January 25, 2019

Mezoa Marches - Mechae Juris Silicona and the Binarae

Mechae Juris Silicona and the Binarae defend the will of the Omnissah alongside the forces of Mezoa as the physical manifestation of that power.

The Mechae Juris Silicona takes to the battlefield on pinions of platinum to correct the defects of the unfaithful and purge the galaxy of corruption.

The Binarae 01 and 10 accompany the living representative of the Omnissah as the equation of corruption is balanced across the realm of Mezoa.


Kevin Spyrle said...

That's a cool conversion. I like the transonic blades and stub carbine, or is that a flechette blaster?

Millest said...

Thanks mate :-)

Yup those are stub carbines, I like the shrouded barrels they have more then the skinny/semi silenced blasters

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